Who of us, as we start a venture, can see down the road to where it ends? How many of us purposely stop and gaze toward the ‘finish line’ when we start taking the steps that begin that journey?

When I was introduced to Young Living essential oils, I was intrigued at the assistance I was told that EOs could bring to my personal health. As I listed to the personal testimonies of oily friends, and others whom I felt were trustworthy, I was encouraged by their experiences. I was hopeful that their experiences would become my experience as well.

Thankfully, essential oils are no respecter of person, and I was surprised and thrilled at the immediate aid that EOs brought to my nighttime rest routine and my overall peace of mind. Essential oils became a gift that I very much treasured!

Use ’em

Listening to the advice of my oily mentors, I began opting for an essential oil when I felt a need to support my physical or emotional health… and these bottles of wholeness didn’t disappoint! I have increased my overall wellness with ease and have had strong peace of mind by doing so through natural, plant based, non-toxic means. I’m sure you can, as well!


With Young Living’s ‘Seed to Seal’ promise, I can be confidant in the bold use of EOs for my personal health support needs AND I can confidently recommend Young Living products for the health needs for those I love. Sharing the wealth is what Young Living is about. Read the articles and blog posts right here on Ahoy Oils to get your questions answered and start spreading health around yourself!


Whether you started out with purpose, or feel like you fell into your now … take a moment to stop and consider who you want to bring with you (and how you want to feel) as you cross your finish line. Today’s a fine day to consider that and to make the changes you’d like to enjoy as you take the journey toward it.

I’d be honored to give you assistance!

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